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Puerto Rico is endlessly fascinating. Explore Puerto Rico’s greatest attractions with the professionalism and experience that only Sunset Tours can provide. This year we expanded our selections with several new action tours. Let us make your brief stopover in Puerto Rico an unforgettable one. You may book ahead or wait until you arrive. Either way, we guarantee an enjoyable experience with punctual pick-ups and returns. Enjoy one of our many Puerto Rico Day Tours.

PLEASE NOTE: We accommodate groups of four or more. Infants travel free. Please contact us at (787) 615.1168 or tours@sunsettourpr.com for Puerto Rico Guided Tours pricing.

Old San Juan, and the Bacardi Rum Factory

San Juan Industries: Food, medicine, and industrial product manufacturing; tourism
Highlights: San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico, the second-oldest European-established city in the Americas (after Santo Domingo, DR), and one of the busiest ports in the world. Our tour covers the beautiful historical city of Old San Juan. Its colonial architecture still intact, the “Old Town” boasts many important landmarks: El Morro, the fortress built by the Spanish in 1540; Plazuela de la Rogativa (Plaza of the Procession); El Parque de las Palomas (Pigeon Park), located above the city wall, overlooking San Juan; San Jose Church, the oldest in San Juan; and Palacio de Santa Catalina, the official residence of the Governor of Puerto Rico. Built in 1533, the palacio is the oldest executive mansion in the world. We finish with a visit to the Bacardi Rum factory, a popular stop that is both informative and fun – especially the free tasting at the end!

Ponce Historical Tour

Location: On the southern coast of Puerto Rico
Ponce Industries:
 Tourism, agriculture, canning, cement
Highlights: The “Pearl of the South”, named after Juan Ponce de Leon in 1692, is the second oldest city in Puerto Rico. The first step on our Ponce historical tour is Tibes Ceremonial Park, an ancient Antillian complex, dating back two millennia. Its museums feature petroglyphs, idols, burial sites, and other historical artifacts of the area’s indigenous cultures. Our next stop is El Castillo de Seralles, 300 feet above Ponce. Now a museum, El Castillo is the former residence of the powerful Seralles family, who made their fortune in sugar cane and rum.
 $90/person. Does not include admission.

Bioluminescent Bay

Location: Fajardo is on the Atlantic coast, approximately 29 miles and less than an hour’s drive from San Juan. It is renowned for its beautiful beaches and water sports
Highlights: The luminescence that gives the bay its name, derives from the billions of dinoflagellates (plankton) that live in the water and light up when touched. The effect is magical, like a stardust shower. Bio Bay is one of the few places in the world where you can witness this natural phenomenon. As you navigate the bay, you pass beautiful inlets, lagoons, and mangroves. The Bio Bay guided tour is conducted by kayak. Instruction in basic navigation and safety precedes the tour.

El Yunque (Caribbean National Forest)

Location: Rio Grande
 El Yunque, formerly known as the Caribbean National Forest, is Puerto Rico’s premier ecotourism location and the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. National Forest system. Its immense biodiversity include the singing frog indigenous to the island and known to all as el coqui, the iguaca bird, or Puerto Rican parrot, and countless flora and fauna species, many of which exist nowhere else in the world. We follow trails, walk under waterfalls, and look down from the sacred mountain peak of the Taino Indians. So wear your raincoat and get ready for the experience of a lifetime!

El Yunque and Luquillo Beach

Locations: Rio Grande, Luquillo
 This combo tour begins in the mists of El Yunque and culminates on the shimmering pink sands of Luquillo Beach. Known as “La Riviera de Puerto Rico”, Luquillo is actually a string of smaller beaches – El Balneario de Luquillo, Playa Azul, La Pared, and La Selva are a few – each with its own distinctive personality. Balneario has a placid, crescent shaped shore, and majestic coconut trees that follow it for more than a mile. Its quiet surf is ideal for wading and sunbathing. Playa Azul’s waves are perfect for swimming, body surfing, and snorkeling. The surf at La Pared is more active and favored by recreational surfers, while the robust swells of La Selva bring out the pros. Luquillo’s public beaches have lifeguards, changing rooms and concessions. You can also rent kayaks and jet skis at several locations.

El Yunque, Luquillo Beach, and the Bio-Bay

Locations: Rio Grande, Luquillo, Fajardo
 This ultimate day trip showcases the unique natural beauty of Puerto Rico from forest to sea. It combines three popular excursions – the El Yunque-Luquillo Beach combo with the Bioluminescent Bay tour (see descriptions above) – for a day you will not soon forget.

Camuy River Cave and the Arecibo Radio Telescope & Observatory

Locations: Rio de Camuy and Arecibo
 CAMUY. Camuy Caves Puerto Rico. The Camuy River Cave Park tour begins with a short film. We descend to the caverns via open-air trolley and enter a 200 foot-deep sinkhole lined with dense tropical vegetation. The trolley then brings us to the entrance of 170-foot-high Cueva Clara, one of 16 caves in the Camuy caves network, where we begin a 45-minute walk through the majestic caverns, which are lined with giant stalactites, stalagmites, and natural sculptures, formed over the centuries.

ARECIBO. The Arecibo Radio Telescope & Observatory contains the world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescope. Its “dish” 1,000 feet in diameter and 167 feet deep. The telescope allows scientists to monitor incoming radio signals from the farthest reaches of the universe, and is used by scientists to search for signs of extraterrestrial life. Suspended above the dish is a 600-ton platform that resembles a space station. An unusually lush ecosystem has developed under the dish. The Arecibo site was featured in the Jodie Foster movie, Contact.
 $80/person. Does not include admission.

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